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8:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday
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IT support quoteMDBIT looks after our internal IT network providing maintenance. We are a small voluntary sector organisation across 4 sites, employing 18 staff. They are always courteous, helpful, prompt and usually sort our problems out for us. I would recommend them for similar work.Computer support quote
Anna Smith - Chief Executive - Survive

Computer Servicing & Upgrades

PC Servicing

Computer servicing should be done from time to time to upgrade new parts and ensure that the hardware is working correctly and safely. Computer hardware has a relatively short life span, but keeping your PC or Mac up to date and regularly servicing will eliminate the need for unnecessary system overhauls or complete system replacement. We can service laptops and desktops.

Mac Servicing

Macs generally have a longer life span than PCs, but require servicing by specially trained staff. MDBIT can service your MAC hardware and install new operating systems to keep your system up to date. We can service macbooks, macbook pros and all macs in the desktop range including imacs.

Printer Servicing

Servicing your office printer is important to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Regular checkups should be scheduled to prevent paper loss and time lost when trying to print important documents on a tight deadline.

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