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IT support quoteWe have used MDBIT for the last three years, during this time the service provided has more than met our requirements; providing a proficient and professional service that enables SME organisations such as ours to concentrate on their core business objectives and deliverables. The Staff at MBDIT have provide individual and collective guidance and support as our business has changed and evolved to meet client needs with MDBIT providing soft and hard benefits during these periods of change. We have and would recommend MDBIT to other SME organisations that need this type of bespoke IT services and support to meet their business needs.Computer support quote
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Cloud Computing Services

There are as many definitions of Cloud computing as there are people who use the term.

Our attempt to define it is that it is the movement of computer systems away from servers in your office and onto servers hosted in a central location, accessed via the internet, and for which you are charged a monthly rental.

It is unlikely that anyone would want to do this with their entire system and in one go, but at MDBIT we’ve been providing some services from the Cloud for as long as we can remember. In fact, we’re all using 'The Cloud' already without knowing it: your website is an example of Cloud computing.

What’s the benefit to you?

Cloud computing has many advantages over providing your own in-house server to do the job.

  • Secure your email – stop SPAM, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware BEFORE they arrive in your inbox
    • If you have a proportion of your staff who work away from the central office for any period, accessing information from the Cloud means that they always get to this information.

    • Cloud services are provided by companies with High-Availability systems, normally co-located or with automatic failover for ultimate reliability that your in-house server can’t rival.

    • Moving systems to the Cloud moves expenditure from capital to operational and is highly scalable as your business grows.

    Office in the Cloud

    An easy and efficient way of using the Cloud today is to move your email system to the Cloud.

    Microsoft’s Office365 is a suite of online tools designed to help your business communicate better:

    • Exchange Online – Save time with shared, up to date calendars, contacts and task lists, with industry-leading, always-up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.

    • Sharepoint Online – Make it easier to find information with a central location for your organisation’s information.
    • Office Live Meeting – Reduce costs with multiparty video and audio over existing broadband connections.

    • Office Communications Online – Speed up response time by getting answers fast – knowing who is online and connecting with them instantly.

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